27 Best Korean Drama Series to Watch on Netflix in 2022


But his facade begins to crumble when his wife, a homicide detective, begins investigating murders from 15 years ago. However, they face numerous challenges such as societal norms, age differences, and the disapproval of their families and colleagues. The show focuses on Jin-ah and Joon-hee’s emotional journey as they deal with their feelings, encounter difficulties, and strive for happiness against social expectations.

Perhaps, an OG K-drama and one that made many people obsess over this category, Full House includes some of the biggest talents of South Korea and the show aired in 2004. The series follows a simple premise and is more biased towards the romantic genre. With Song Hye-kyo taking over the lead role of Han Ji-eun, Full House follows Ji-eun’s attempt at trying to re-purchase her house from Lee Young-jae , a famous actor, to whom it was sold by her friends by tricking her. While there’s an array of exciting new music releases to come – including the live-action adaptation of Moving and Gyeongseong Creature starring Park Seo-joon – let’s take a look back at the 10 best 누누티비 시즌2 dramas of 2023 so far. As Bong-soon learns how to do her new job, she gets involved in a string of kidnappings that are taking place in her neighbourhood. She develops a fierce determination to apprehend the perpetrator and defend the people she loves by using her exceptional strength.

In addition, The Korea Times praised the series for its strong female characters. One of the newest Korean dramas that’s garnered tons of views in Korea, Crash Landing On You features actors from Parasite. A dramatic love story, the series tells the tale of a South Korean heiress to a large conglomerate who, while paragliding, accidentally crash-lands in North Korea. But don’t worry, she meets a North Korean army officer who protects her, and they begin a love story despite political strife. We will get the second season of three widely loved dramas; ‘D.P’, ‘Shadow Detective’ and ‘The Uncanny Counter’. Choi Sooyoung, who was last seen in ‘If You Wish Upon Me’, will be seen in a heart-touching mother-daughter drama this time.

When Moon Dong-eun (played as a teen by Jung Ji-so) was in high school, she was severly bullied and assaulted by a group of classmates, led by the unrepentant Park Yeon-jin (Im Ji-yeon). The bullies run the aspiring architect out of school and leaves her with deep emotional scars, so much that she dedicates her life to getting revenge. Decades later, and having become a teacher, Dong-eun (Song Hye-ko) begins her elaborate scheme when she becomes the homeroom teacher of Yeon-jin’s young daughter. These sci-fi/fantasy shows range from modern to historical, and the magical elements can either be hidden among day-to-day life or blown out to encompass tons of lore Game of Thrones-style . K-dramas also love a good fated romance, so expect some mystical love connections.

Though Reply 1988 was the last series made , it’s the most popular, following both the kids and parents of the Ssangmun-dong neigborhood in Seoul. K-dramas are known for being more chaste than Western romances, taking several episodes for couples to build their feelings before they become official or even kiss. If you’re looking for something steamier, Nevertheless follows the flirtation and eventual friends-with-benefits relationship between art students Yoo Na-bi (My Name’s Han So-hee) and Park Jae-eon (Love Alarm’s Song Kang). Their love story may be frustrating, but the actors’ chemistry makes this drama worth the watch. This Netflix series was adapted from Morning Comes To Psychiatric Wards Too, a webtoon by Lee Ra-ha.

The rising popularity of Korean dramas and music in Myanmar has led to the Korea Foundation for International Culture Exchange distributing Korean dramas in the country for free. In Malaysia, Winter Sonata began airing on TV3 in 2003, which started an interest in Korean pop culture in the country. The popularity of Korean dramas have resulted in a positive reception of Korean expatriates in Malaysia. The popularity of Korean dramas and pop culture in Laos has led to many Laotian tourists travelling to South Korea. Korean pop culture has gained popularity in Laos through the Thai TV channels broadcasting Korean dramas and K-pop bands in the country. A driving force behind the rising popularity is the intense involvement of fans.

As Joon-hee starts working near her office, the two reconnect and their relationship evolves from friendship to a blossoming romance. Strong Woman Do Bong Soon centres around the extraordinary life of Do Bong-soon, a young woman with superhuman strength. Despite having a small frame and appearing fragile, Bong-soon has tremendous physical strength that she acquired from the females in her family. She struggles to restrain her might, though, and worries about hurting other people. To make matters more interesting, Bong-soon lands a job as a bodyguard for Ahn Min-hyuk, a charming and eccentric CEO of a gaming company.

The series is a reboot of a K-Drama that aired in 2015, My First Time, and is a fun series to watch for anyone that likes romance and drama. The steamy K-Drama My First First Love follows five friends who all find themselves living in the same house for a variety of different reasons. Being in such close quarters leads to their lives intersecting in new and unexpected ways and leads to a ton of drama, romance, and some budding friendships. After witnessing the death of his gangster father as a child, Yoon Ji-woo turns herself into a killing machine to seek revenge in My Name. While on an undercover mission for his father’s gang, Ji-woo becomes a police officer under the pseudonym Oh Hye-jin, where she uncovers unsettling truths about why his father was killed. Apart from being one of the best Korean dramas on Netflix, My Name is also among the most compelling crime noir series in streaming history.

The story about a woman who joins an organized crime ring and infiltrates the police as an undercover agent in order to find out the truth about her father’s death. Trapped students must fight their way out or turn into one of the rabid infected. A woman lives for absolute revenge against her childhood bullies who destroyed her life. After receiving a relic from her dead father mysterious deaths take place around her, and she finds herself slowly changing. Please indicate how strongly you agree or disagree that “has the Adult Animation shows I want to watch” describes Hulu.

The first season of D.P., released in 2021, brought to light abuse within South Korea’s mandatory military conscription system and the reasons why some are desperate to get out of it. The show’s title refers to a team of soldiers called “deserter pursuit,” who are tasked with tracking down and capturing military deserters. Director Han Jun-hee is returning for the second season, as well as actors Jung Hae-in and Koo Kyo-hwan, who respectively played An Jun-ho and Han Ho-yeol, the series’ main duo. Yet another series that has Song Hye-kyo take over the female lead, Doctor Kang Mo-yeon.

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